Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Begging For Feature In Architectural Digest #kimkardashian #kanyewest


Deja Vu? Reminiscent of how Kanye begged Anna Wintour for years to feature Kim Kardashian in Vogue, the couple has now set their desperation for attention and affluence on another magazine…Architectural Digest.

“Kanye wants to show off the Hidden Hills mansion now that they’ve completed renovations,” an insider told Radar. “Kanye considers himself to have an eye for interior design and fashion, and wants to show off what he considers some of his greatest work, the mansion. Kanye thinks the house will influence a generation of how young, hip, urban couples with families will want to decorate their residences.”


“Of course, Kanye wants it to be featured in Architectural Digest, which is the equivalent to Vogue in terms of prestige,” the source told Radar.

And since the magazines are owned by the same company, Conde Nast, the source added, “Don’t be surprised if Kanye asks Anna Wintour, to make it happen! She’s Artistic Director of Conde Nast in addition to Editor In Chief of Vogue.”

The $20 million estate features two swimming pools, vineyard, 15,000 square feet, eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms.


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