Watch Here: Is This Sanaa Lathan Captured On Video Being A THOT?


Saturday night Diddy aka Black Slave Master aka Child Bride Purchaser posted on Instagram what looks to be himself, Opportunist “rapper” French Montana and a young lady who seems to be Sanaa Lathan (ALLEGEDLY). Sanaa Lathan appears to be giving Humpty Hump a lap dance or possibly playing with his hard boiled eggs in the back seat of a car that’s driving around New York City. Near the end Sanaa Lathan (ALLEGEDLY) sounds as if shes asking Diddy to stop recording.

There’s been rumor that the two may possibly be dating. But this is not a good look for the image of what many thought to be a credible and respectable actress. How many women does Humpty Hump have to smut out and use before they get the picture?

The video may or not be Sanaa Lathan (in my opinion it looks like her). But for me she’s lost a bit of respect from many that admire her. Let me add Diddy is no friend for posting this to the world wide web. Check it out and comment with your thoughts.


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