Feud Erupts At The Real As Jeannie Mai Sides With Racist Donald Trump


Presidential hopeful Donald Trump hasn’t just upset the Latin community with his comments on Mexican immigrants – the Republican candidate has caused a major rift among the cast of daytime talk show The Real.

The freshman talk show is made up of an entirely diverse group of co-hosts including comedienne Loni Love, singer Tamar Braxton, actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, singer Adrienne Bailon and fashion expert Jeannie Mai.

The show has been a breakout hit with television audiences during its debut season, ranking number two in the coveted 18-to-34 age demographic only behind The Wendy Williams Show.

While all five women got along in their debut season, Mai’s initial decision to stay on as co-host of Trump’s Miss USA Pageant – despite NFL great Emmitt Smith, rapper Flo Rida, dance pro Cheryl Burke and the department store Macy’s all pulling out of the competition, caused major friction with three of her co-workers on The Real.

Despite the other notable stars pulling out of the show, Mai released a statement via her Instagram page explaining why she was staying with the competition.

‘While I absolutely do not condone Mr. Trump’s statements, after careful deliberation I have decided to continue my role as co-host of the upcoming Miss USA Pageant. For the past several years, I have been co-hosting both Miss USA and Miss Universe aligned to support President Paula Shugart.

‘I can’t abandon these women when they need our support now more than ever. The mission of the Miss Universe organization has always been to unite women from all over the world and celebrate different cultures,’ she wrote.

That decision outraged Bailon, who is Puerto Rican, and she immediately called the producers of The Real to sound off about it.

‘Adrienne is Hispanic and was outraged that Jeannie would stay on to host that pageant and not consider her feelings and the impact Trump’s words had on her.

‘She told producers she wasn’t sure if she could come back to work and sit next to Jeannie moving forward,’ a source at the show told Daily Mail Online.

Love and Braxton let their feelings about Mai be known publicly via social media.

Braxton posted a reply using a lot of her signature jargon under Mai’s statement that read: ‘Wait, what? 😦 No mam!!! @TheJeannieMai You really tried it. Have several seats. (multiple chair emojis included) #GTFOH’ (The hashtag Braxton included is short for Get The F#$% Outta Here)


Love took to her Twitter page to comment on the matter. She wrote: ‘Many have tweeted me about this Jeannie Mai, Donald Trump , Miss USA mess… Jeannie gave a comment I have a right to give mine… I am striving to get my own show so that when issues like this happen.. I won’t be attacked by folks for a decision by a cohost…”


The public backlash from her co-hosts and intense hate mail from fans caused Mai to have a change of heart, and she ultimately backed out of the Miss USA Pageant as well.

‘At the time I made my decision to remain part of the Miss USA pageant, I was under the impression that Mr. Trump would no longer be involved in the production of the show in any capacity whatsoever. In addition, given Mr. Trump’s ongoing antics, including his most recent episode today with the current Miss Universe, it is clear that Mr. Trump’s actions have and will continue to distract focus away from the real stars of the show – the women involved in the pageant,’ her new statement read.

While Mai hoped reversing her decision to be apart of the show would fix things, the damage may be too little too late with her co-hosts.


‘They feel like she was being selfish,’ an insider topld Daily Mail Online. ‘They feel that she never factored in how offensive this issue was to Adrienne and if Trump was making racist remarks about Asian people, she would want her co-hosts to have her back,’ the source offered.

 ‘The only person who hasn’t commented on any of this is Tamara, who is so busy raising her new baby she’s probably oblivious to everything that’s going on.’

Sources close to the show tell Daily Mail Online that producers are scrambling to fix the fallout behind the scenes by trying to get the women together for some form of reconciliation meeting and team-building exercises to fix the problems.

The Real is back in production in August and want to reestablish the camaraderie of the talent.

‘Their chemistry is imperative to the continued success and growth of this show. With The View in serious trouble and The Talk growing, the only way The Real stands a chance is if the ladies continue to get along,’ explained the source.

The Real premiered as a four-week sneak peak on July 15, 2013 against Kris Jenner’s talk show pilot and out-performed the Kardashian mother’s show by huge numbers.

Produced by TelePictures, the full season of the show made its debut on September 15, 2014 and a second season renewal was announced on February 24, 2015.

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