Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Beating Her, Says Mona Scott-Young Told Her To Hide It

JoselineCharlamagne Tha God has been calling Mona Scott a pimp for awhile and it appears he was right.


Naturally, the public airing of such a volatile situation caused many of Joseline’s followers to question whether her account had been hacked, but she shut down the speculation, saying “I’m not being hacked I want the truth come out I have demons in me that need to be released I hate myself even though I say I’m the baddest.” She then posted a photo of pills and typed “Cushn up a line of coke tonight.”


Even more strange than those messages is an early tweet from Joseline this morning in which she appears to refer to the things she posted early in the morning, simply saying, “Sorry I was tripping last night.” Interestingly, though, she hasn’t deleted any of the tweets or taken down any of the photographic proof of Stevie’s alleged abuse. Whether that part is true or not, I think it goes without saying that Joseline is in need of help and LHHATL is most likely not the place to get it. We’re wishing her the best.



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