Marvin Gaye’s Son Says Robin Thicke Ripped Off ‘Blurred Lines’, Implies Legal Action


Let’s just be clear about something Robin Thicke did steal ‘Blurred Lines’, The song was clearly stolen! Although I am a Robin Thicke fan he should pay royalties. I have to side with Marvin Gaye’s family. You can’t just go stealing copy written sh*t, pretend it’s an original idea, then sue the person you stole it from. This is wrong on so many levels and if he gets away with it there will be a bad precedent set.

The song of the summer could end up as the legal battle of the fall.

Marvin Gaye’s son hinted that the estate of the late R&B singer would take legal action against Robin Thicke over his hit song “Blurred Lines.”

“We’re not happy with the way that he went about doing business let alone suing us for something where he clearly got his inspiration from at the least,” Gaye said, flanked by his wife, Wendy, and a family spokesman. “That’s caused my family a lot of duress.”

“Yes, if you listen to the music, I’m sure anyone will see the similarities between what my father does and what Robin Thick has been trying to do,” said Gaye’s son

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