North Carolina Unemployment Rate On The Rise, Republican Governor And Legislature Approval In The Tank (Video) #MoralMonday


Thanks to the Supreme Courts decision to allow unlimited amounts of personal cash into elections (otherwise called ‘Citizens United’) citizens with enough dough can now purchase elections. In December 2012 a man by the name of Art Pope did just that, pouring millions of dollars into local and state elections turning North Carolina republican for the first time in over 4 decades. The results of the republicans taking over and implementing their policies have resulted in the near destruction of the lives of North Carolinian’s. Although four-fifths of the citizens are against their agenda the new republican legislatures legacy now includes; voter suppression laws, the elimination of unemployment benefits and a bill to restrict women’s health services which he promised not to sign was snuck in on a motorcycle bill, and it looks like they’re just getting started.


In a recent PPP poll just 39 percent of North Carolina voters approve of McCrory’s work, while 51 percent disapprove, according to the poll — a record low for the first-term governor. In a May PPP poll, McCrory had a 48 percent approval rating. His numbers began to drop soon after he signed into law a controversial bill restricting abortions and cut federal unemployment funding. At almost 9 percent, North Carolina’s unemployment rate is the fifth highest in the nation

North Carolina’s state legislature, the General Assembly, fared worse than McCrory in a August 14th poll, with just 24 percent approving. When asked to compare the legislature to “Moral Monday” protesters, who have demonstrated weekly outside the state Capitol in Raleigh in opposition to GOP policies, 47 percent favored the protesters, while 38 percent favored the legislature. Democrats were most likely to support the demonstrators, while a majority of Republicans had a higher opinion of the Assembly. Independents were more evenly split.

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